Glass joint tips are the go-to option for many cannabis enthusiasts. They provide cannabis lovers with a terrific yet straightforward way of relishing their herb. However, glass joint tips work well if appropriately cleaned yet they do add a better taste if they are not cleaned for a long time. Residue builds up in a glass joint that is used regularly and not cleaned frequently, depending on who you are you might love the taste of a joint tip that has not been cleaned in months or you love the taste of just the weed you are about to smoke on. The residue could clog the glass joint, making it hard to use. 

Below are the important guidelines to follow when cleaning your glass joint tips.


The following are the materials and ingredients that you require:

  • Paper clip

  • 90% isopropyl rubbing alcohol

  • Dish soap

  • Sealable plastic bag

  • Table salt

If you have the CLIIXX these are the following materials and ingredients:

  • Dish soap

  • Q-Tip

You should follow the steps below once you have all the required materials and ingredients with you:

1. The first thing you will need to do is place the glass joint tip in the sealable plastic bag. Once you have done that, proceed to fill the bag with alcohol until the glass joint tip is fully submerged. A small sealable container will also work for this step.

2. You should then go ahead and add a teaspoon of salt. It is vital to make sure that the salt gets into the glass tip. In this process, the purpose of the salt is to clean resin out of places that a typical brush or sponge cannot reach. Although table and Epsom salt is enough, coarse sea salt is ideal for glass pipes with so much hardened resin.

3. Thirdly, you should leave the glass joint tip to soak in the alcohol for 12 hours. Leaving your glass joint tip to soak allows the alcohol to dissolve the resin.

NOTE: Do not soak the CLIXX Glass Tip. The CLIXX does not need to be soaked because it is smaller than a normal glass tip when it is split into two parts thus it is easier to clean, the click also has magnets attached that could rust if you soak them.

4. Once the long wait is over, you should proceed to shake the bag to loosen residual resin. You should skip this step if you are using a container. Shaking your glass joint in a container can break it.

5. The next thing you should do after letting your glass joint soak for 12 hours and shaking is to remove it from the bag. Put it in hot water and clean it using dish soap.

6. You will have to use a paperclip or pipe cleaners if the glass joint tip still has stubborn resin even after cleaning it with hot water and dish soap. Pipe cleaners and cotton swabs can also be used for this step if you do not have a paperclip. It is advisable to try this step only when you are sure it will not damage the glass joint tip. Rinse the glass joint tip with hot water once you are done.

7. The last thing you will need to do is to let the pipe dry completely. You will have to repeat this process if your glass joint tips are not very clean. Remember to add new salt since the salt from the first round of cleaning will be dissolved.


1. To clean the CLIIXX all you need to do is put hand or dish soap in the CLIIXX and scrub the inside gently with a q-tip or rolled up paper towel.

2. Once you are done scrubbing you can run it under warm water for 2 minute.

3. Dry it with a towel then keep on toking!


Rubbing alcohol is not the only solvent that you can use to clean your glass joint tip. One alternative you can turn to if you do not prefer alcohol is vinegar. All you will need to do is to mix vinegar with coarse salt. However, you will have to scrub some more if you choose this alternative.


Get the Perfect Roll

One of the reasons why every smoker should use a tip is to give them a better rolling experience. This will soon become your go-to option if you are trying to perfect your roll. All you need to do is to choose a tip that suits your smoking preferences and the size of what you're rolling.

Superior Smoking Experience

Every smoker who wants a superior smoking experience should take advantage of tips. Tips filter out some unwanted residue and make your hits smoother, especially glass tips like the Raw Glass Tip or the Clixx Magnetic Glass Tip.

Keep Things Dry

Every smoker tries to avoid wet and soggy ends. The best way of doing that is by using tips, especially glass tips.


There are several types of tips in the market. Each tip has its advantages. Here are some of the common types of glass joint tips in the market.

Glass Smoking Tips

Glass smoking tips are a go-to option for some cannabis lovers. Several cannabis lovers prefer these types of tips because they can be reused. Moreover, they have a pinched shape to prevent cannabis lovers from inhaling stray pieces. Depending on the quality of the glass used, glass tips can be heat-resistant. The major downside of glass tips is that they have to be cleaned regularly. Luckily, cleaning glass tips is a simple task. All you need to do is follow some simple steps, and your glass tip will be new again.

Pre-rolled Paper Tipss

One common type of tip is pre-rolled paper tips. Paper tips come in endless flavors, paper types, sizes, and shapes varieties. Some smokers prefer paper tips to other tips because they are comfortable, quick, and fun. Like other different types of tips, paper tips also allow users to smoke the entire herb while keeping the lungs safe from pollutants. One downside of paper tips is that they cannot be reused.

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