Glass filter tips offer a smoother and tastier smoke. They keep the end of your roll-up fresh and dry, and can be used endlessly.

Plus, you no longer need to worry about burning your lips and fingers as you reach the end of the joint. Best of all there will be no more getting passed a slobbery wet joint (we've all been there).

Best of all, it is easier to roll with a glass tip compared to a regular paper filter tip. Rolling with a glass joint tip is a breeze once you know how it's done. Keeping them clean is pretty straightforward as well - more on that later. First, let's roll-up.

1. Grind-up your finest cannabis.

2. Take your glass filter tip and place it on either side of the paper (whichever side is most comfortable for you). You want the filter to be poking out half a centimeter or so on the outside edge. Make sure the glue line of the paper is facing towards you.

3. For the next few steps, you will be holding the filter side of the joint with one hand, while your other hand does the rest.

4. Start loading the paper with your herb. Just sprinkle it in lightly to start with. Put enough in so that it matches the thickness of the glass tip. You might want to add a bit extra in the end opposite to the filter so that it takes the shape of a baseball bat.

5. Make sure the area right next to the filter is properly filled. If it's too gappy, your hits will feel airy and the joint may be flimsy.

6. With the herb in the paper, begin compacting it down with your index finger. You should aim to have about a centimeter of space between the top edge of the paper and the herb on both sides of the paper. 

7. With your filter-holding hand, pinch the two sides of the paper together with your thumb and index finger. Then do the same with your other hand about halfway down the joint. 

8. At this point, you can slide the sides up and down together across the whole joint in order to further compact the herb, but this shouldn't be necessary if you compacted it enough in step5. 

9. With your filter-holding hand, use your thumb to mold the top edge of the paper around the filter. Keep using your thumb to push the paper against your index finger.

10. Slowly roll your index finger over where your thumb is. The goal is to trap the bit of paper your thumb was holding against the filter with your index finger.

11. Maintain this pinch with your filter-holding hand. With your other hand, starting from the filter end, tuck the unglued side of the paper into the roll with your thumb, and use your index finger to roll the glued side over. Try to keep it on the same run as the filter - this will make it a lot easier. (TIP: By starting the tuck-and-roll at the filter end, you can achieve that nice cone-shape.)

12. Roll it until there is just the glue strip and a little bit of paper showing.

13. Lick the glue strip from end to end. Don't go nuts with it - if it gets too wet, the paper will rip.

14. Tap the paper down at the filter end, and then slide your way up the rest of the joint. Make sure it is sealed all the way down.

15. Almost done. If you're feeling fancy, tap the base of the filter against the tray/table/ground a few times. This will help the herb to arrange itself nice and evenly.

16. Grab something pokey (like a pencil) and poke the herb at the open end of the joint to make it more compact, ensuring an even burn.

17. Close the tip of the joint by twisting the paper.

18. It's good to go. Enjoy!

If you have the CLIIXX you can roll your joint with out a filter then simply push the join gently into the crown end just like we show in the photo below.

A clean smoke...

Glass filter tips are super easy to clean. For the most part, you can get away with just rinsing them with water every so often. For a more thorough clean, you'll want to get some strong alcohol, a little dish, and some tooth-picks or pipe cleaners. Pour the alcohol into a dish, drop your filters in, and soak them for 5-10 minutes. Once they’ve soaked, rinse them through with water, and get stuck in with your tooth-pick/pipe cleaner to remove any stubborn bits. The job is done!

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