• 10. OG Tips - 100 Pack Clear Tips With Flat Lip

  • 9. Bingo's Smart Tips

  • 8. RAW Glass Cone Tips

  • 7. OG Tips Black 3-pack

  • 6. RAW Turbo

  • 5. Higher Standards

  • 4. RAW Turbo XL

  • 3. Blazing Honeycomb

  • 2. Raw x Phuncky Feel

  • 1. Social Smoking CLIIXX

Glass joint tips are a great option for minimizing waste when you roll. In addition to this, having a sturdy glass tip will help you become a better roller and produces more consistently high-quality joints. It's a great option for people who want to take their rolling more seriously or people who are tired of canoeing joints, low-quality smoke filtration, slobber, or harsh smokes. This list contains ten of the best glass joint filters on the web so that you can improve your rolling and have a better smoke. 

To get right to the point the best glass tip is the CLIXX. It is has a unique magnetization system that allows everyone in the session to have a personal and clean mouthpiece. Click to check it out.

10. OG Tips - 100 Pack Clear Tips With Flat Lip

OG Tips has reliable bulk products. This pack will have you set up on glass tips for a long time, with 100 tips included. As far as tips go, they are a little basic, not including some of the fancier filtration systems you'll see elsewhere on this list, but the sheer quantity here makes this product stand out as a worthwhile investment if you see yourself using tips frequently and for a long time. If you're here because you're tired of harsh smokes and want better filters, we recommend continuing through this list.

9. Bingo's Smart Tips

Bingo's Solutions has high quality rolling trays and accessories that have brought them much acclaim. Their colored smart glass tips, which come with a keychain, help you stay prepared, no matter what you're out doing. They come in fun colors too, which add some aesthetic appeal to your rolls. The keychain includes a packer you can use while rolling, which comes in extremely handy. This product is multi-function and highly transportable (with less risk of getting lost), perfectly designed for the mobile stoner.

8. RAW Glass Cone Tips

RAW's iconic products need no introduction. These glass cone tips come from a reliable company that's been in the industry for a long time. This is the most basic RAW filter you'll see on this list, but even here their quality shines through. The filtration here is still of quality, and it's hard to beat RAW's prices when it comes to buying accessories.

7. OG Tips Black 3-pack

If buying stock isn't your style and you need something more high quality, OG Tips still has you covered. With a better filter and sturdy design, these filters are a great way to have a softer smoke. They don't get dirty as quickly as the clear glass ones either, which makes them lower maintenance and easy to use. The sleek design here looks good with joints and blunts alike, making it a great choice if the aesthetic quality is something that matters to your rolling.

6. RAW Turbo

RAW's turbo filters are very different from their basic filter. These use smoke dynamics to _spin_ the smoke, which creates a funny optical illusion as well as cooling the smoke on its way into your mouth. The basic RAW filter is quality, but this one allows RAW to design a filter that is fun as well as practical. Check out the link in the description of this product to see the smoke spiral in action. The story behind this filter is funny too, having been conceived at a burning man where they used a pasta noodle as a filter.

5. Higher Standards

Higher Standards utilizes a filtration system that makes it stand out from competitors. Three filtration spikes and a longer tip make this one of the easier smokes on this list. The sturdy build on this product as well as the barrier for your mouth makes it easy to roll with as well, producing quality, sturdy joints. They make claims about this product improving the quantity of THC and CBD intake when used, but we can't speak to the truth or falsity of this.

4. RAW Turbo XL

The RAW Turbo also comes in a larger size, which we prefer for rolling. This large tip uses the spinning filtration to an even greater effect, which makes it even less harsh, as well as being good for bigger joints, which is always a good thing. Raw makes high quality, cheap products that are designed to serve all kinds of smokers. The XL filter is also good for keeping your big rolls stable, as these tend to fall apart easier.

3. Blazing Honeycomb

The Blazing Honeycomb is perhaps the most unique shape of all these products. The Honeycomb structure filters smoke as well as making the burn a little slower, so you have more time to enjoy your smoke. This is one of the softer smokes on this list easily, so if that's your top priority we highly recommend the Honeycomb. We love the colors on this piece as well, the glass staining looks absolutely gorgeous and adds a lot of character to the rolls it's placed in.

2. Raw x Phuncky Feel

RAW's collaboration with B-Real of Cypress Hill takes the RAW reliability and quality and pairs it with a real enthusiast's experience. The Phuncky Feel has filters on the inside and a wide mouth at the end that make this one feel very unique to smoke and doesn't burn your throat. B-Real is attributed with the invention of the glass tip as well, so when you buy this product, you're getting high quality, straight from the source. This is our personal favorite of the RAW filters because of this unique, fun design and its history.

1. Social Smoking CLIIXX

Our favorite product on this list is the CLIIXX by Social Smoking. Their completely unique magnetization system is particularly useful in the times of COVID-19 because it takes germs out of the equation. The magnetic system allows each person to use a different tip and attach it to the end of the joint so that no one's mouth has to touch were another mouth has been. Meaning you will never get handed a soggy, spit covered joint again. It even helps you get smoother and cooler hits so you and your friends can enjoy better smoke from your flower. The CLIIXX is great for sanitation and increasing the quality of your smoke seshes. We think you'll see the usefulness of this product as soon as you use it. 

All of these products are reliable and effective. We hope you've gotten some ideas from this article to help you make an educated decision on which tip is best for you. Happy Smoking!

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