SocialSmoking Story

Our mission is to create a safe and enjoyable smoking experience using the greatest smoking device of all time! . 

About the product / concept: is a smoking system that allows you to share your stuff safely.

No more worries about smelly or stained fingers.

You will be able to use 100% of your product.

It’s the only way to share if you care.

How to use the product:


  • Pass Out Tips
  • Place Smoker In Crown
  • Attach Your Tip To Crown
  • Puff Puff Pass

Passing Directions:

  • Offer Your Crown With Your Tip Attached
  • Allow Your Friend To Take Crown Off 
  • And Place On to His OwnTip
  • Repeat

Product Care:

  • Avoid Soaking In Liquid
  • Clean With Alcohol And Swab
  • Glass Product Handle With Care