Deluxe Pack

Deluxe Pack



SocialSmoking Deluxe Starter Pack is the ultimate way to start your SocialSmoking experience. Enjoy a session with your friends without having to worry about the spreading of germs!

In our SocialSmoking starter pack, you'll get all the essentials you need to start your session.

What's Included: 

  • 6 Flat "Tips"
  • 3 "Crowns"
  • SocialSmoking Carrying Case


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Andrew P.
Great to Get Back to Passing

Awesome to be able to pass around the circle again. Even better is how it takes the harsh edge off and cools your hit. 10mm is perfect for joints!

Amanda Rocamontes
Amazing product

I love this product! I have MS and I have no immune susyem. This product is great for me because I love to smoke with friends and now I can worry free from sharing grams. 😊

J Palmatier

Deluxe Starter Pack

Best idea ever.

These social smoking tips work perfectly. No more people smashing your joints, no more slobber on my joints. Alcohol swab them up after every smoke and they stay like new. Share it with everybody and no more germ passing. Perfect smoking tools.

Kim F.
So innovative and really handy!

I got a cute bag and a small plastic grinder with my purchase (the Deluxe package) which was super nice! I have yet to try it, but I’m very excited to pull this out the next sesh! Something that’s always weighed heavy was my anxiety on sharing and swapping spit during the pandemic—THIS HELPS THAT! :)